Delivering goods with care and experience.

Our dedicated and experienced staff at Case Logistics answers to all of our customers’ needs and conditions based on constantly updated information.

We specialise in the transportation and delivery of art goods, books, foods, exhibition material and more via air, sea, rail and truck. Case Logistics will take care of all of your transportation needs.

Main Services

In international logistics, whether it is during the shipping process or customs clearing, there are myriad problems that may occur. Using our experience and know-how, we propose the ideal solutions to our customers.

Our company focuses on international logistics. For air and sea transports, we handle all processes to the destination harbour/airport and also ensure the arrival of goods at the delivery location.

In addition, we have specialised partnership agencies and offices in various countries around the world, and have designed an environment in which urgent or special deliveries such as goods for an exhibition are shipped fast and reliably.

A perfect network and service based on experience

A network of agencies connecting every major city around the world is ready to answer your transportation needs.

Countries such as Russia and other CIS nations are said to be difficult areas for transport. Our staff has the necessary experience and expertise to fully support your endeavours.

International transportation

We regard international transportation as our main service. We work together with agencies and offices throughout the world to offer you an outstanding and reliable service.

Transportation by air

We work together with airlines and agencies at any destination worldwide and aim to improve and update our services on a daily basis to satisfy our customers’ needs.

A complete service that meets all requirements of international logistics

In addition to transportation between two airports, we answer to our customers’ needs, such as taking care of the collection of the cargo, storage and, of course, further delivery.

Fast and smooth logistics

Our services are not limited to cargo arriving in or leaving Japan but also includes any third-party countries in-between. We will ensure a smooth and fast delivery process without waiting for export, import or transfer work in neighbouring countries.

Transportation by sea

We cooperate with many shipping and maritime transportation companies to offer the best sea routes connecting Europe, North America, Asia and everywhere else.

In addition to container ships, we offer delivery by other means as well, from common ships to car carriers and charter vessels. We offer low-cost rates acquired from partner companies while still providing an unprecedented service.

We do not limit ourselves to cargo arriving in and departing from Japan but operate from and to any destination in the world. Please feel free to contact us about your shipping needs.

Efficient shipping routes and prompt confirmation

Whether it is through Europe, the Baltic Sea route or via Iran - there are many routes to any destination. Based on our expertise, we propose transportation routes that best suit our customers’ requests.

Thanks to our local agents at each transit point leading up to the destination, our customers will always stay informed about their cargo.

Inland railway transportation

We carry out delivery by train from the destination airport or harbour to any final inland destination.

Whether in the USA, China or Finland, via St. Petersburg, Iran or the Black Sea -f or transportation by rail, there are always several routes available to deliver your cargo. We combine the best routes from all possible combinations to satisfy our customers’ needs.

For difficult destinations such as South-East Asia or Indonesia, the answer to the question ‘do you deliver here?’ will be ‘yes’. We consult with our customers and select the most suitable routes and transportation methods based on all circumstances.

Transportation by truck

After the cargo has arrived at the destination harbour/airport and cleared customs, we use trucks to deliver the cargo to its final destination without delay.

Of course, delivery by truck is also available for any country the cargo will transit on its way to its ultimate destination.

Flexible service for large cargo and long distances

Transportation by truck is the ideal solution for cargo unsuitable for transportation by rail due to size or weight

We also offer delivery by truck for distances of thousands of kilometres and arrange customs clearance according to our customers’ needs and preferences.

Delivery to ultimate destinations desired by our customers, such as a designated truck terminals or factory premises is also possible.

Regarding additional transportation

We would like to provide you with the optimal transportation plan, going beyond the services described above if necessary. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


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